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HBhousing helps expats to arrange the mortgage and guides them through the whole home buying process. As a broker we have extensive knowledge of the Dutch mortgage rules, bank restrictions and a wide network of financial advisors

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Buying a house or apartment with a mortgage in The Netherlands, is one of the most important financial decision you will have to make. It is advisable to counsel an agent to guide you through the whole process. Because the fierce competition within the Dutch real estate market, specially nearby Amsterdam and Hoofddorp, finding an affordable property and getting a mortgage is a daunting and time-consuming task. That is why HBhousing helps you to arrange a mortgage and successfully purchase your new home. In order to do so our mortgage services for expats consist of five steps: a talk about your wishes and possibilities, financial analysis to know how much you can loan, home search and proposition, mortgage and notary service. This allows us to counsel you free of charge. Once you decide apply for a loan to buy a house or apartment, our service starts. Our advisor will guide you through the whole process and charge you a fixed price, depending on your EU or non EU citizenship.

Getting a mortgage for your home

If your are planning to move to The Netherlands you may want to consider buying a house or apartment. Within the Dutch real estate market, there are significant benefits of owning a house or apartment, including: mortgage tax deduction, no mandatory minimum salary or deposit, low property prices, possibility to let your property. Additionally in expensive cities such as Amsterdam and Hoofddorp (Schiphol area) mortgage cost are often lower than rent. In Those cities there is a high demand on rental properties, which makes the prices rise. Since no mortgage or owners restrictions are placed on expats, buying a house or apartment nearby Amsterdam and Hoofddorp is highly recommended. As a local real estate agency, HBhousing helps expats to understand Dutch tax benefits, find a house or apartment, contact the bank for a loan and close the deal. Our mortgage services for expats are designed to guide you through the whole process, from home buying to selling.

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