Property valuation

As a valuer HBhousing ensures a valuation report which is recognized by all financial institutions and meets the standards of the Dutch association of real estate agents VBO and house valuers institute NWWI both members of TEGoVA (European Group of Valuers ’Associations)

Based on data


Analysis of the property


Analysis of similar properties


European valuation report

European valuation report

To arrive at the true value of a house or apartment nearby Amsterdam and Hoofddorp, information about the current market conditions and comparable sales are necessary. Therefore our valuation involves a visit and thoroughly analysis of the property and its surroundings. As the real estate market nearby Amsterdam, Hoofddorp and Brielle is our scope of expertise, our valuer takes into consideration the governmental regulations, environmental conditions and physical aspects of the property that affects its value. The valuation generally includes: analysis of the environment, structure and condition of the house or apartment, access and planning restrictions. This information is then combined with historical and recent sales data. The valuation will be documented and provided to you in a European valuation report.

Property valuation

Whether you are selling or buying a house or apartment in Amsterdam, Hoofddorp or any other city in The Netherlands, in order to get a mortgage and to profit in your investment a property valuation is a necessity. Additionally for a successful real estate sell or purchase in The Netherlands a valuation report which is recognized by the law, financial and real estate institutions is necessary. In order to produce such a valuation report education and experience within The Dutch real estate market is needed. Our qualified real estate agents are here to put their knowledge at your disposal and help you to assess the market value of your real estate property.

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